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CryptoSwarm AI:
The World's First Crypto Super Intelligence

CryptoSwarm AI is a one-of-a-kind Forecasting Service that provides rigorous insights and intelligence on cryptocurrencies and other Web3 assets.  


We generate detailed Intelligence Reports three times a week (m, w, f) for exclusive online access by our Subscribers.

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Press quotes about Swarm AI technology. 

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Why join the
CryptoSwarm AI

CryptoSwarm AI is a members only Intelligence Service that provides detailed weekly forecasts, sentiments, and insights on a range of Web3 assets. 

We generate forecasts using award-winning Swarm AI technology licensed from Unanimous AI to amplify the wisdom and insights of our community.

Swarm AI has been validated by academic researchers at Stanford, Oxford, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Cambridge, and other major universities (see papers).  

Our community is invited to participate in brief forecasting sessions, forming a collective Super Intelligence for the exclusive benefit of our community.

Intelligence Reports: We will generate comprehensive forecasts three times per week (m/w/f) that are accessible online to our participating community.

What is SWARM AI ?

Swarm AI is an award-winning forecasting technology that uses AI algorithms modeled on the biological principle of Swarm Intelligence.  It's used to amplify the knowledge, wisdom, and insights of networked human groups to produce optimized forecasts.


Developed over the last seven years by our parent company, Unanimous AI, the technology is protected by 24 issued US Patents and has been validated by dozens of published academic studies

The CryptoSwarm Project has secured exclusive rights to use Swarm AI technology to predict Web3 related assets three times per week and generate rigorous Intelligence Reports for NFT holders. 

CryptoSwarm AI
Intelligence Reports

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Intelligence Reports are generated three times per week (m, w, f) and will be accessible to our community via secure login. These reports will reflect two types of useful information:


(i) Rigorous Forecasting will be generated for a variety of popular Web3 assets including: (a) crypto currencies, (b) high-profile NFTs, and (c) crypto-related equities that trade on US markets. 

(ii) Market Sentiment data that reflects trader confidence over time, providing a weekly barometer regarding overall market conditions for crypto and NFTs.




Unlike old-school surveys or inefficient prediction markets, the CryptoSwarm AI uses the proven power of Swarm AI to quickly amplify the collective intelligence of our community


Swarm AI has been validated by dozens of academic papers written in collaboration with major universities including Stanford, Oxford, and MIT:

     Paper: Forecasting Equities (MIT)

     Paper: Forecasting Sports (Oxford) 

     Paper: Medical Diagnosis (Stanford)

     Paper: Forecasting Assets (Cambridge)

     Paper: Forecasting Business (Cal Poly)

     TED TALK: Swarm Intelligence, Rosenberg

                      ( more papers here )

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Everything you need to know about CryptoSwarm AI

What is CryptoSwarm AI?

CryptoSwarm AI is an Intelligence Service providing forecasts and insights on cryptocurrencies and other Web3 assets. It is powered by a combination of AI technology and real-time human insights. 


The CryptoSwarm AI service will distribute Intelligence Reports three times per week (m/w/f).

What is "Swarm?"

Swarm is an award-winning online platform developed by Unanimous AI to bring the technology of Swarm AI to decentralized teams. Groups can login from anywhere in the world using standard web browsers to generate AI-optimized forecasts, estimations, and decisions in a matter of minutes.

What is Swarm Intelligence?

A well-known natural process in which large groups of biological organisms converge on optimized decisions in real-time systems. A form of Collective Intelligence, swarming has been deeply studied in schools of fish, flocks of birds, and swarms of bees. It's the basis of Swarm AI technology. 

What is Swarm AI?

Swarm AI is proven technology based on the biological principle of Swarm Intelligence. It combines human input with AI algorithms, enabling networked groups to converge on optimized solutions in real-time. Pioneered by our parent company Unanimous AI, the technology has been validated in dozens of academic papers from Stanford, Oxford, MIT, and other major institutions.

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