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CryptoSwarm AI:
The World's First Crypto Super Intelligence

CryptoSwarm AI is a one-of-a-kind Forecasting Service that provides rigorous insights and intelligence on cryptocurrencies and other Web3 assets.  


We generate detailed  Intelligence Reports  three times a week (m, w, f) for exclusive online access by our NFT Holders and Monthly Subscribers.

Members of our community can also participate in competitive forecasting sessions (m, w, f) that award Cash Prizes for accurate forecasting!

There are two ways to subscribe to CryptoSwarm AI:

     Monthly Membership (by credit card) at $99 per month.

     Lifetime Membership (by NFT mint) for 1.0 ETH. 

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Press quotes about Swarm AI technology. 

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Why join the
CryptoSwarm AI

CryptoSwarm AI is a members only Intelligence Service that provides detailed weekly forecasts, sentiments, and insights on a range of Web3 assets. 

We generate forecasts using award-winning Swarm AI technology licensed from Unanimous AI to amplify the wisdom and insights of our NFT community.

Swarm AI has been validated by academic researchers at Stanford, Oxford, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Cambridge, and other major universities (see papers).  

Our community is invited to participate in brief forecasting sessions, forming a collective Super Intelligence for the exclusive benefit of our community.

Win CASH PAYOUTS of up to $30 from each Forecasting Session that you participate in. All above-average performers win at least $5 per session!

See FORECAST to WIN below 


Intelligence Reports: We will generate comprehensive forecasts three times per week (m/w/f) that are accessible online to our participating NFT community.


Our Roadmap: We will expand  the service significantly over time, forecasting additional assets and delivering reports more than 3x per week.

What is SWARM AI ?

Swarm AI is an award-winning forecasting technology that uses AI algorithms modeled on the biological principle of Swarm Intelligence.  It's used to amplify the knowledge, wisdom, and insights of networked human groups to produce optimized forecasts.


Developed over the last seven years by our parent company, Unanimous AI, the technology is protected by 24 issued US Patents and has been validated by dozens of published academic studies

The CryptoSwarm Project has secured exclusive rights to use Swarm AI technology to predict Web3 related assets three times per week and generate rigorous Intelligence Reports for NFT holders. 

CryptoSwarm AI
Intelligence Reports

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Bitcoin Peak.jpg

Intelligence Reports are generated three times per week (m, w, f) and will be accessible to our community via secure login. These reports will reflect two types of useful information:


(i) Rigorous Forecasting will be generated for a variety of popular Web3 assets including: (a) crypto currencies, (b) high-profile NFTs, and (c) crypto-related equities that trade on US markets. 

(ii) Market Sentiment data that reflects trader confidence over time, providing a weekly barometer regarding overall market conditions for crypto and NFTs.


To access to the three Intelligence Reports each week, members must participate in at least one 15 minute "Swarm Session" that week.  Holders of 3 NFTs (in one wallet) can bypass the participation.





Unlike old-school surveys or inefficient prediction markets, the CryptoSwarm AI uses the proven power of Swarm AI to quickly amplify the collective intelligence of our NFT community


Swarm AI has been validated by dozens of academic papers written in collaboration with major universities including Stanford, Oxford, and MIT:

     Paper: Forecasting Equities (MIT)

     Paper: Forecasting Sports (Oxford) 

     Paper: Medical Diagnosis (Stanford)

     Paper: Forecasting Assets (Cambridge)

     Paper: Forecasting Business (Cal Poly)

     TED TALK: Swarm Intelligence, Rosenberg

                      ( more papers here )

Acadmic Papes

to WIN 


Forecasting Participants can win prizes (in crypto) for each session based on their individual accuracy compared to other participants in that session.  We use a bell-curve across participants with higher performers winning bigger prizes:

Payout Graph (fixed) 2.jpg

Base Payouts:

     The BEST performer earns $25 (in crypto) for that session. 

     The top 2% of performers each earn $10 for that session. 

     The next 14% of performers each earn $7 for that session.

     The next 34% of performers each earn $5 for that session

     The next 34% of performers each earn $2 for that session

     The next 14% of performers earn $1 for that session.

     The worst 2% of performers earn $0 for that session.


Group Bonus

All participants in the session get an additional 25% bonus on their winnings when the group, working as a SWARM, does better than 85% of the individual participants on the survey.  


     Top Performers can win over $30 per session

     Above Average performers can win over $5 per session

Extra Bonus

The more you participate, the more you can "charge-up your NFT" with Performance Points.  Any time you score in the top 50%, your NFT adds 1 Performance Point.  If you score in the top 25% you add 2 performance points. And if you score in the top 10% you add 3 performance points.  

The top 15% of participants in any session (by performance points) will receive a 7.5% bonus on top of their earned Base Payout and Group Bonus. This rewards participants who show up often.

Leaderboards for NFT Holders

Participants will be able to login to an Interactive Portal using their NFT for authentication where they can see how they performed in each session compared to other members.  They will also be able to check their prize  winnings  and see other fun statistics.  Here is a screenshot:  

Performance Results c.jpg

CryptoSwarm AI

Phase I

During Year I we will build an exclusive community of up to 1350 crypto traders (NFT holders) who participate in forecasting sessions and receive exclusive access to our Intelligence Reports 3x per week. 


Mint Details:

The first 300 CryptoSwarm AI NFTs will be pre-sold to whitelisted traders at a price of 1 ETH. The remaining 1000 NFTs will be minted 90 days later with a 1.5 ETH price.


Total Membership: 1350 NFTs 

Phase II

During Year II we will grow community membership to 4000 crypto traders who participate in our forecasting efforts and get access to our Intelligence Reports.


With a larger membership pool we aim to expand our Intelligence Service, covering additional Web3 assets and delivering reports 5x per week.


Mint Details: 

An additional 2650 NFTs will be auctioned on Open Sea. With added content to our service, we aim to increase the auction floor to at least 2 ETH


 Total Membership: 4000 NFTs 

Phase III

During Year III (and beyond) we aim to grow membership to 8,000 traders who participate in our forecasting efforts and get access to our Intelligence Reports.


With a larger membership pool we aim to expand our Intelligence Service, covering additional Web3 assets and delivering reports 7x per week.

Mint Details: 

An additional 4000 NFTs will be auctioned on Open Sea. With added content to our service, we aim to increase the auction floor to at least 3 ETH

Total Membership: 8,000 NFTs


Everything you need to know about CryptoSwarm AI

What is CryptoSwarm AI?

CryptoSwarm AI is an Intelligence Service providing forecasts and insights on cryptocurrencies and other Web3 assets. It is powered by a combination of AI technology and real-time human insights. 


The CryptoSwarm AI service will distribute Intelligence Reports three times per week (m/w/f).

What is Swarm Intelligence?

A well-known natural process in which large groups of biological organisms converge on optimized decisions in real-time systems. A form of Collective Intelligence, swarming has been deeply studied in schools of fish, flocks of birds, and swarms of bees. It's the basis of Swarm AI technology. 

Why an NFT?

NFTs allow any organization to create instant, transparent proof of ownership & membership. That makes an NFT an ideal method to privately and securely access the CryptoSwarm AI service.

We plan to sell up to 1,350 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain during the first year of service. Your token doubles as your membership card, giving you access to 3x weekly Intelligence Reports. Future perks will be unlocked to NFT holders through roadmap of expansion.

What is Swarm AI?

Swarm AI is proven technology based on the biological principle of Swarm Intelligence. It combines human input with AI algorithms, enabling networked groups to converge on optimized solutions in real-time. Pioneered by our parent company Unanimous AI, the technology has been validated in dozens of academic papers from Stanford, Oxford, MIT, and other major institutions.

Why the "Roadmap?"

As described above, we aim to grow membership and expand services over time. This will increase the value of the NFT for all holders, as new buyers will pay a premium for membership as services expand. We therefore expect early holders to see significant appreciation in NFT value as the CryptoSwarm AI service grows over time.

What is "Swarm?"

Swarm is an award-winning online platform developed by Unanimous AI to bring the technology of Swarm AI to decentralized teams. Groups can login from anywhere in the world using standard web browsers to generate AI-optimized forecasts, estimations, and decisions in a matter of minutes.

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