Mint Details

CryptoSwarm AI is a collective Super Intelligence for predicting crypto assets using hundreds of human forecasters and the power of Swarm AI.


Forecasting Service: 

         See to our HOME PAGE for all the service details.   

Mint Size:

        1350 NFTs give access to CryptoSwarm AI service. 

Mint Dates: 

         Soft Launch = 350 NFTs @ 1.0 ETH ) - Oct 14, 2022  

         Full Launch = (1000 NFTs @ 1.5 ETH ) - Jan 15, 2022


Soft Launch Incentive:

All holders of a Soft Launch NFT will get one free NFT in the Full Launch ( awarded at the time when the Full Launch mint is executed ). 

Multi-NFT Benefits 

          Hold 3 NFTs: no requirement to participate to get reports.

          Hold 10 NFTs: can contribute "custom questions" to sessions.

Need Help? 

If you're new to NFTs, please watch our Mint Help Video for step-by-step instructions on how to buy in the upcoming mint.  You can also email us at: 

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