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Join the Swarm

We're currently running 3 SESSIONS per week: 



NOON (ET) / 9AM (PT)



6PM (ET) / 3PM (PT)



NOON (ET) / 9 AM (PT)

Swarms will not be run on the following days:

Monday, September 4 (Labor Day)

All CryptoSwarm subscribers are eligible to participate in Forecasting Sessions up to three times per week and win prizes based on the accuracy of your predictions. Good performers will win at least $5 per session, while top performers can win more than $25. 

Participation requires TWO STEPS

     STEP 1:  Take the Forecasting Survey (5 min) 

     STEP 2:  Join the real-time Swarm Session (15 min)

You must take the SURVEY before the SWARM session starts, no exceptions.

    SURVEY: can be filled out up to two hours before the session begins. 

    SWARM: can be logged into up to 30 minutes before the session begins.

Have questions, email us: 

to WIN 


Participants can win prizes for each Swarm Session based on their individual Survey accuracy (in that session) along with the group's overall Swarm performance. We use a bell-curve across participants with good performers winning more as follows:

Payout Graph (fixed) 2.jpg

Base Payouts:

     The BEST performer earns $25 for that session. 

     The top 2% of performers each earn $10 for that session. 

     The next 14% of performers each earn $7 for that session.

     The next 34% of performers each earn $5 for that session

     The next 34% of performers each earn $2 for that session

     The next 14% of performers earn $1 for that session.

     The worst 2% of performers earn $0 for that session.


Group Bonus

All participants in the session get an additional 25% bonus on their winnings when the group, working as a SWARM, does better than 85% of the individual participants on the survey.  


     Top Performers can win over $30 per session

     Above Average performance can win over $6 per session

Extra Bonus

The more you participate, the more you can "charge-up your NFT" with Performance Points.  Any time you score in the top 50%, your NFT adds 1 Performance Point.  If you score in the top 25% you add 2 performance points. And if you score in the top 10% you add 3 performance points.  

The top 15% of participants in any session (by performance points) will receive a 7.5% bonus on top of their earned Base Payout and Group Bonus.  This rewards participants who show up often. 


Leaderboards for Participants

Participants will be able to login to an Interactive Portal where they can see how they performed in each session compared to other members.  They will also be able to check their winnings and see other fun performance statistics.  Here is a screenshot:  

Performance Results c.jpg
CryptoBEE Banner (long).jpg
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